Today Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia has published the announcement for appointing of a new General Attorney, after the dismissal of Marko Zvrlevski from this position.

With this, starts officially the deadline of 15 days for applying to the interested candidates for this position.

According to the Law, after registering the candidates, the Government must submit a request for an opinion to the General Attorney Council, which has a binding role. The Parliament voted for publishing the announcement for appointing a new General Attorney, exactly a week ago.

The Council has a deadline of 15 days from the day of receiving the request from the Government to give a positive or negative opinion for all registered candidates. After that, it submits to Parliament a proposal for appointing a General Attorney with the candidates for which the Council gave a positive opinion.

If General Attorney Council does not submit an opinion within 15 days for justified reasons, it receives an additional 15-day deadline, and if within this deadline the Council does not submit an opinion, it is considered that the opinion is positive.

In case the Council does not give a favorable opinion to any of the applicants, the Government can not submit a proposal for appointing a General Attorney public and may suggest to the Parliament to repeat the announcement.

The Parliament decides on the appointing and dismissal of a General Attorney with a simple majority, which is 61 votes.