Today as well, General Stojanche Angelov with a group of people protested in front of the Macedonian Radio and Television because the public service refuses to release audio recordings of wiretapped conversations published by SDSM leader Zoran Zaev.
Angelov said that he requests technical government, holding elections in a normal atmosphere, and then the people to decide who will give its trust. He said that interethnic tensions were prepared for which they wanted to blame him and Zaev.
– Nobody in this country will make a monstrous plan. I got the information that two million euros were given to Albanian criminals, who are not from UCK, to commit murders and make tensions. To carry out the crime, and then blame Zaev and Angelov. That’s why monstrous statement signed by Mr. “Netpress” that Stojanche Angelov and Zoran Zaev are preparing a bloody scenario appeared. In fact, someone else prepared such a scenario, and it should have escalated in the following days. Their intention is to arrest Zaev, but they lack the courage to do it. Perhaps Zaev sinned in the past, we might have different views and opinions, but he showed great courage by announcing political bombs – said Angelov at the protest.
He recommended the government not to even think about arresting Zaev, because, as Angelov said, there will be blood.
At the protest outside MRTV also performed actresses Ana Kostovska and Irena Ristik, as well as “Belize Band”, which performed the song “Long arm”.
The crowd of people then marched to the Public Prosecution, where they demanded the resignation of the Public Prosecutor, and a new gathering was announced for after Easter.