Center for Civil Communications made ranking and analysis of the hundred largest contracts from 2010 to 2014, accounting for 22 per cent of the total amount spent on procurement in this period in order to be acknowledged which are the biggest signed deals and with which companies the contracts have been signed.

Hundred largest public procurement contracts concluded in the last five years (2010-2014) totaled 57 billion denars, i.e. 933 million euros. Only these hundred contracts are worth 22 percent of all money spent on public procurement in the country in the five years analyzed. In this period, a total of about 110,000 contracts for procurement were signed, in which, about 1,300 state institutions totally spent 4.3 billion euros for procurement. The hundred largest agreements were made by 33 state institutions and 60 companies, which speaks of the high concentration of large contracts in terms of the orderers and in terms of companies who hold the contracts.

The single value of the contracts of the “Top 100” ranges from 2.8 to 104 million euros. Procurements in the fields of energy and construction are dominant.

The public institutions that signed the biggest 100 contracts include ELEM, the Office for General and Common Affairs of the Government, ministries, AEC, Directorate for mandatory reserves of oil and oil derivatives, PE for state roads, PTE Skopje, City of Skopje, Municipality of Chair and Municipality of Strumica.