DUI leader refused to give a statement to reporters after the two-hour meeting with the ambassadors of the US, EU, France, UK and Italy, reports “Nova TV“. Journalists asked Ahmeti whether he will bear responsibility for the event in Kumanovo, but his spokesman said that the ambassadors will give a statement.

In a joint statement, the ambassadors also emphasized that DUI bears responsibility and should ensure a transparent investigation into the abuses.

– We welcome the constructive role of DUI during the weekend, including in the Security Council. We urge the party to continue to work with all countries and institutions, and, as part of the ruling coalition, DUI is responsible for the implementation of democratic values and principles. The party has an obligation to help build state institutions and ensure a transparent investigation revealed abuses in a credible manner. We hope that DUI will use its influence for the wellbeing and the future of all Macedonian citizens – said Ambassador of Italy in Macedonia Massimo Belleli after the meeting on behalf of all ambassadors.

In the same composition, ambassadors should meet with SDSM leader Zoran Zaev this afternoon in 4.30 pm.