The German Ambassador Christine Althauser said today that there is a solution for the political crisis in Macedonia, but it is necessary it is going to be implemented.

-The solution for the political crisis in Macedonia is on the table. What is needed is a political will to be carried out, the Parliament to become operational, to organize itself, to elect a president and then to elect a government that will be able to act by itself. That is the sequence, the timetable, not only for the good of the politics but for the benefit of all, the economy, the society, the citizens – said Althauser at today’s press conference of the Macedonian – German economic association, at which the results from the previous year were presented.

Nevertheless, she said that the solution for the crisis regarding the economy will come late.

-The early parliamentary elections were held four months ago. All analyses indicate that the crisis reflected negatively on the economy, a decrease of the GDP was evidenced, the fiscal pressure has increased, the insecurity and uncertainty in the private sector have increased, the investments have decreased, and the approval of loans is also negative – stressed Ambassador Althauser.