The US Embassy in Skopje regularly informs the Macedonian authorities about the threats that are issued from different sources, but it has not requested that the perpetrators be legally prosecuted as that is left up to the state’s institutions in charge, said the U.S. Embassy when asked by “Meta” regarding the criminal charges filed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs against a person from Skopje who threatened ambassador Jess Baily through his own Facebook profile.

“We share threat information with Macedonian authorities, whether it comes from calls, letters, or other sources. We did not ask for legal action to be taken; that is up to the authorities. We would note that the individual subsequently apologized. We accept his apology.” -Said the U.S. Embassy in Skopje

Otherwise, MOI yesterday informed that the Department for Cybercrime and Digital Forensics has filed criminal charges against 34-year-old T.T. from Skopje who is charged because of writing indecent comments on the Embassy’s official Facebook page in April, last year, and he indirectly threatened the US Ambassador Jess Baily and his family.

This person, according to MOI, is a suspect for a felony of harming the reputation of a foreign country.