The refusal of Basic Court 1 to submit the report of the agreement of Zvonko Kostovski is one of many obstructions that Katica Janeva’s office faces.

Earlier, the Court rejected the request from the SPO to issue a warrant for the “Target” case, to search the computer systems at one of the telecom operators, and also they did not issue a warrant for the seizure of computers from UBK. This series of refusals include cases such as “Magyar Telecom” and “Sopot” and the rejection of most of their requests for detention.

This happens even though state institutions have a legal obligation to cooperate and assist the Special Prosecutor’s Office, which, according to the law that regulates its work, among other things, has the right to “review all the available documented evidence from any source” and “access to intelligence and information that are not available to the public.”

Here are the institutions and obstructions the SPO faces:

Basic Court Skopje 1 rejected the requests from the SPO to search the computer systems in one of the telecom operators in the “Target” case, to confiscate computers from the Administration of Security and Counterintelligence (UBK) and most of their requests for detention;

The Public Prosecutor and the Council of Prosecutors refuse to give the SPO cases, “Sopot” “Magyar Telekom”, “Verushevski” and for journalist Zoran Bozinovski, which is connected to the “Spy” case;

The previous composition of Parliament, or MPs from VMRO-DPMNE refused to support the extension of the SPO’S mandate and to adopt amendments on the Law on Witness Protection requested by Janeva.