The Commission for Infectious Diseases proposes new measures for the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 in North Macedonia. It plans bans on all family gatherings, celebrations, including saint feast day celebrations and any parties happening in the confinement of the homes. The Commission proposes that one apartment or house cannot acomodate more than four guests, excluding the people who live there. During his press conference, the Health Minister Venko Filipche said that a serious percentage of the newly infected cases originated at such gatherings and events.

|Another proposal is the ban of group gatherings in the parks and at gas stations. The wearing of masks i.e. scarfs, neck cloths will be mandatory both in open and closed spaces and both in public and private transportation. An exception will be for the  exercising, when the mask will not be worn. Apart from that, the introduction of more rigorous measures is also planned, such as shortening of working hours of restaurants and clubs, and restrictions of movement,” said Filipche.

He asked the citizens to observe the measures.

“How the situation will develop and the direction it shall take depends on the citizens’ behavior and their observance of measures. The system is ready to fight the virus. We have the personnel and the capacity, but we need support from the citizens in order to prevent overcrowding the hospitals,” said Filipche.

Asked who will be controlling the homes to ensure there are no more than four guests present, he said that the citizens have to be aware of the risks.

“The police and the inspectors can react upon complaints or tip-offs, but the citizens’ awareness has to be high,” said the minister.