The process of reconciliation received a strong support from the President of the European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs, David McAllister and the MEP Knut Fleckenstein, informs Emilija Aleksandrova from VMRO-DPMNE’s independent group and the Coalition, and she also said that they have received an encouragement and directions to continue on the road they are upon.

-For us as 8 independent MPs of VMRO-DPMNE, it has a great significance and shows that we are on the right direction and that the process that is ongoing in the country regarding the integration process, the reforms and the reconciliation is the right way that Macedonia has to walk upon. These are historical moments, endorsed by everyone, including us – said Aleksandrova.

She also said that this group has stressed that these are sensitive moments for the Macedonian nation and that there is no place for improvisations and manipulations with the nation’s national emotions.

-We all have to be sincere and to trust this process because we have no spare country, and this country has to move forward towards the Euro-Atlantic integrations – stressed Aleksandrova.

When asked whether they will support the constitutional changes to its end, Aleksandrova said that the reforms, the integrations, and the reconciliation go together, because one without the other will not provide a qualitative solution that the country needs.

-That is why I expect and believe that the participants in this process will remain consistent and we shall show sanity and each in his own sphere will contribute for a total realization of this process – said the MP.