In an emotional speech, 35 year old Aleksander Jovanovski who suffers from a malignant form of disease that attacks the lymph nodes, he addressed a protest rally against air pollution in Bitola. Before the gathered public Alexander spoke about the disease and the tragedies it had caused different generations, a strong message was sent to the authorities concerning the disregard towards air pollution, its causes and the eventual consequences.

“How do we remain the same, after so many lost lives ? A month ago I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, my father, who died last year, the wife of a good friend, so that’s three generations with the same disease which I have. Doctors say that I suffered stress, ate junk food, breathed dirty air, but in which country have I eaten this food? Where have I breathed the dirty air? This is not my town, and this is not my Macedonia!” Aleksander told the rally.
Alongside his battle against his disease, he declared another battle for dealing with the pollution.
He pointed the finger at local authorities, particularly those in Bitola, Skopje and Tetovo and the biggest polluters, REK ‘Bitola’ along with ‘Jugohrom’.