Albania announced veto to Macedonia for NATO, MFA and MOD consult about a reaction


After Greece, Albania also announces it will use veto to Macedonia’s request to join NATO.

This stems from the speech of Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama at the Regional Ministerial Meeting on Counter-Terrorism, which was attended by interior ministers of several European governments, when he spoke of Macedonia’s aspirations to join NATO.

– Unfortunately, in Kumanovo, words “terrorism” and “Albanian” were united in the attempt this ethnic group to be called terrorist. This is unacceptable not only for us, but for the Macedonian country as well. The country must realize that Albanians remain constitutive national player in the country. There is nothing more dangerous that can happen to us in the fight against terrorism than the use of the term terrorism to resolve the Macedonian events. The mixing of these terms would be unacceptable for us, as well as terror survived by innocent residents of Kumanovo… All we want is a stable Macedonia, Macedonia in NATO, but not unconditionally or due to armed conflicts. Macedonia cannot join NATO without warranty of the Ohrid Framework Agreement – said Rama.

This is the third threat to veto Macedonia’s acceptance to NATO after that of Greece because of the name and of Bulgaria due to an agreement on good neighborly relations. The threat of veto from Albania is justified with the Ohrid Agreement.

MFA informed us that consultations and analysis of Rama’s statement are ongoing.

ARM said that it is a political question and told us to seek the answer from the politicians.

– We do not want to comment on politicians. I just want to point out that ARM has achieved the standards for entry into NATO. And the accession to this organization is a political decision, while all that was required of us as an army was met – stated Colonel Mirche Gjorgoski, spokesman of the General Staff, for us.

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