Albanian parties will form a body for the Law on the Use of Languages

These are the two conclusions that the Albanian political parties came to today, at the meeting at the “Arka” hotel, said the leader of the Movement for Reform of the DPA, Zijadin Sela.

“At the meeting, they debated and discussed the joint declaration signed by the Albanian parliamentary political parties. All parties were meant to be present and I urge them to call the next meeting. From the meeting, we came to two conclusions. The first, is that within three days the Albanian parliamentary parties will propose two representatives to make a rule book for the Albanian political parties to function as a body. The second, we will synchronize our views on the draft Law on the Use of Languages, which will be proposed by this body and that will meet the needs of the Albanians”, said Sela.

He repeated that the signatures of the MPs from the Albanian Alliance for getting the mandate will be given to SDSM, but that does not mean they will be signatures to form a government.

When discussing peace, he said that the Macedonian parties and the Macedonians are those who publicly threatened and damaged the peace and the stability of the country.

At the meeting, apart from Sela, others who attended were Gzim Ostreni, President of Uniteti, Vesel Memedi from the National Democratic Revival, DUI leader Ali Ahmeti and the head of his cabinet, Artan Grubi.

Ali Ahmeti, left the meeting without speaking to reporters.

The leader of the Besa Movement, Bilal Kasami did not attend the meeting, and in a statement the party stressed that they “see no obligation to participate in meetings that are not in the spirit of the Joint Declaration of the Albanian parties in Macedonia.”