In recent years, online media in Albania has boomed. However, many of them are not transparent and “produce” unverified news, Meta’s correspondent reports from Tirana. One of these media portals is Much of the news published are actually claims presented in the form of facts.

For example, one of the most viewed news on the portal is an article entitled “Exclusive: US Destroys Llalla Clan”.

The article is full of allegations claiming former prosecutor general Adriatik Llalla worked throughout his term of office to protect the current opposition when it was in power. Although it is a fact that the former prosecutor general Llalla was declared persona non grata by the US State Department last year, Llalla has still not been charged with anything.

Another story from the portal covered last week’s visit by German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas to Tirana, with the assertion that the minister had a list of senior Albanian officials who were to have been to be sacked. However, no evidence was provided, but rather an interpretation of various statements made by diplomats.

All of the news featured is unaccredited. While the portals Facebook page has 13.000 followers, clicking on the tab “About Us” results in a dead end. The “About Us” section of the social network, reads, “Pamfleti is a media platform for analysis that was borne out of the need for a debate that knows no compromise, as a powerful voice in the unequivocal fight against crime and political corruption in Albania” .

In addition, the message mentions that “editorial policy is not driven by parties or ideologies, but to reveal and unmask political and financial oligarchy.”

There is no information regarding the ownership of this medium, who finances it, and offers no information on its employees.