The Ministry of Culture has sent inspectors at the Macedonian Radio Television (MRTV) due to the decisions about subventions for supporting the domestic music production, and who have established that the deadlines for these decisions were “breached enormously” and because of that they should be abolished, announced the Ministry. They also announced that not only they will not grant a payment for the chosen compositions, but they are going to carry out an investigation about previous bids.

As the Minister of Culter, Robert Alagjozovski said during his stay in Bitola, the inspectors have warned the management that they are facing with criminal charges because of illegally made decisions.

Alagjozovski said that certain artists were allowed to receive funds even though the “performers” category while others were rejected for the same reason.

-In this situation once again it became evident of the damaging effect this law has had, which has been caused debts for the citizens’ debts, it was implemented inappropriately and with plenty of irregularities, and it hasn’t achieved its declared effects, nor it contributed to increasing the quality, the development of the music industry and the larger presence of domestic artists in our media. It has turned into a tool for clientelism and for buying obedience from music artists – said Alagjozovski.