Residents of Diva naselba in Kumanovo are being evacuated and the police operation is still ongoing. Shots are occasionally heard from the settlement.

The approach to the settlement is closed, except for police vehicles and ambulances.

No official information on the exact number of injured persons or victims, although the statement of the US Embassy expressed “condolences for the killed.”

Unofficially, it is mentioned that there are 20 injured, three of whom are severely wounded, members of the security forces are admitted in the Clinical Centre in Skopje, where the entrance is forbidden for the media and the wounded were taken by helicopters and ambulances.

Armed police guard the entrances to the surgical clinics.

Minister of Health Nikola Todorov repeatedly visited the wounded.

Kumanovo hospital so far has confirmed that only four people are wounded, three of whom were taken to Skopje and one is detained in the hospital in Kumanovo.