Two days have passed after the deadline when private companies were obliged to pay recourse for vacation to their employees. Some paid the K-15 during the last year, but many were waiting the last moment of the year. There were some companies that decreased December salaries of the employees in order to pay them the recourse.

The State Labor Inspectorate still has no data on how many companies paid recourse. Its representatives said that the deadline for payment of recourse was 31st of December and that they will need time to process all the data.

If the citizens want to report that the company where they were or still are employed didn’t pay recourse for vacation, they can call 02/ 3 296 310 and 3 116 110.

Inspection services will also carry out independent inspections.

All companies in the private sector last year had a legal obligation to pay recourse for vacation to the employees who worked in the company continuously six months to the end of the year. The amount of compensation under the General Collective Agreement for the economy is set to at least 40 percent of the average national net salary for the previous month, which, according to current estimates, is around 8,500 denars.