The Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and the Minister of Communications and Transparency, Robert Poposki, had talks with the Belgian expert Peter Vanhoutte and the representatives of AJM regarding the situation with the media and the forthcoming reforms.

It was concluded at the meeting that the media is among the most important pillars of a single democratic society and the government’s initiative for media reforms was greeted.

Vanhoutte has stressed that Macedonia is at the bottom of the scale of media freedoms in the reports of all relevant European and world institutions and organizations mostly due to a lack of political will to ensure a freedom of speech, professional journalism, and protection of journalists.

The president of the AJM, Naser Selmani, has transferred the opinions of the Association and has demanded special attention be given for the protection of journalists from violence caused by state institutions including pressure through non-transparent legal processes, for which numerous examples were presented.