The Association of Journalists of Macedonia warns that the trial against journalist Zoran Bozinovski is being postponed unnecessarily, and by doing so, the court is violating his civil rights for a fair trial.

Journalist Zoran Bozinovski has been on a hunger strike for two weeks and demands for his detention to be terminated, and today the court for a second time adjourned the hearing due to personal and family problems of Judge Sandra Krstic. Bozinovski is on hunger strike, and the court claims that he is in good health. How is it possible to make such a claim when the man has been starving for two weeks, and is being aided by a drip? We publicly ask the court, what needs to happen to Bozinovski for the court to seriously consider the request for the termination of his detention”, said the AJM.  

The Association called on the Court of Appeals to immediately submit a decision on the “Spy” case to the Criminal Court, to allow lawyers access to the evidence in the case and prepare a defense, however, if this is not done, the public will remain under the impression that the case is politically rigged.