AJM condemned the attacks over Jovanovski and Trichkovski as well as the intimidation of journalists

The Associations of Journalists of Macedonia condemned the “campaign for intimidation and humiliation of journalists that is carried out in Skopje by unknown persons inspired by the vengeful statements by the president of VMRO-DPMNE Nikola Gruevski, who last week has called upon the ethnic Macedonians, through protests, to prevent the opposition to form a government with the Albanian parties.” The reason for the reaction was yesterday’s provocation towards journalist Borjan Jovanovski, who was attacked at a restaurant, and the intimidation of Branko Trichkovski at his family home.

AJM says that these incidents are a direct attack on the freedom of speech.

“It is cowardly by Gruevski to use youngsters to carry out the dirty work, by exposing them and their families to risks because of his own political interests. We are warning that such provocations might escalate into physical violence over journalists with unforeseen consequences. It is unthinkable that in the 21st century in Macedonia the journalist will be exposed to pressure and intimidation for a publicly revealed stance. This shameful campaign has the goal to frighten and silence the journalists and other citizens and people who do not agree with the government.

Gruevski knows well that only uninformed citizens can be easily manipulated and dragged into a conflict” said the press release. The oldest journalist association in the country has called upon Gruevski to “stop spreading a hate speech that instigates violence and to bring his followers to their senses.” This call by ASJ refers to all politicians and public persons to withhold from that sort of vocabulary.

ASJ also appeals to all journalists and media to report professionally and not to add fuel to the fire.