AJM: Association of Prosecutors condemns Nedelkovski but will not prosecute him


The Association of Journalists of Macedonia (AJM) today at a press conference reacted to the decision of the prosecutor of the Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office, who assessed that the TV host Milenko Nedelkovski did not incite hate speech and violence through his Facebook status with threats against several journalists, and “it is a matter of a person expressing their views” and dismissed the request to prosecute Nedelkovski.

“The Prosecutor practically confirmed the decision of the Public Prosecution from the prosecutor Jasmina Kostevski, who in March refused our request to prosecute Nedelkovski. It has become clear that death threats against journalists are ordered from the top of the government, who use Nedelkovski as a megaphone to cause fear and insecurity among journalists and deter them from writing about the undemocratic practices of this government”, says the President of AJM, Naser Selmani.

According to the President of the AJM, Nedelkovski with his message, explicitly threatened journalists, Jadranka Kostova, Branko Geroski, Borjan Jovanovski, Aco Kabranov, Sasho Ordanovski with lynching and covering them with a concrete. The decision of the prosecutor is unreasonable and it devalues the prosecutorial profession.

The AJM called on the Association of Prosecutors to condemn this decision, and the Council of Public Prosecutors to decide on what the AJM sees as illegal actions of the prosecutor.


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