There are differences between the parties, but we should all engage in order to have a successful implementation of the agreement with Greece, said DUI leader Ali Ahmeti after today’s leaders meeting at the MP’s Clubhouse.

“Since all options have been exhausted, talks will continue in the coming days. I expect everyone to act courageously, so that we do not miss out on this historic opportunity”, said Ahmeti.

The leader of one of Besa’s branches, Bilal Kasami, thinks that the state is in crisis and that the intense negotiations between political parties are very important.

“We will contribute to this negotiation process so it ends with the decision to establish the SEC and to be successful in the referendum, in order for Macedonia once and for all to become a member of the EU and NATO”, said Kasami.

The meeting between Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski is still taking place.