In an interview for the Greek daily newspaper “Kathimerini,” DUI’s party leader, Ali Ahmeti, suggested that the name dispute should be solved according to the model that was used for the Agreement for good neighborly relations with Bulgaria, with a consensus between the two governments and by ratification at both parliaments.

-The best way for closing this issue is the model of the Agreement for good neighborly relations between Skopje and SOfia, by reaching a consensus between both governments, and then a ratification at both parliaments – said Ahmeti in the interview that was titled as “Solution now, without a referendum” where he explained that the government and the opposition have a historical responsibility to reach a solution and to lead the citizens and the country towards oining NATO and the EU.

Regarding the proposals provided by mediator Matthew Nimetz, DUI’s party leader said that the government together with the opposition is analyzing them and is trying to have a positive and constructive approach.

-The inclusion of the term “Macedonia” in the name of our country does not represent a threat to Greece’s territorial integrity and sovereignty -said Ahmeti in his interview for Kathimerini.