Today the leader of DUI, Ali Ahmeti went to the US Embassy where he had a working meeting with deputy ambassador Micaela Schweitzer-Bluhm and with the Ambassador to the European Union, Samuel Žbogar.

The party announced that at the meeting they discussed future activities over forming the new government. Ahmeti repeated the party’s stance to Schweitzer-Bluhm and Žbogar, that DUI is fully committed to implementing the required reforms required of by the international community, NATO and the European Union, good interethnic relations, economic development and the creation of new jobs.

“The first steps that the new parliamentary majority will take, will be addressing the congestion in local government, as well as the abolition of external testing, there will be to immediate issues”, said Ahmeti at the meeting.

He stressed that in the past 16 years, while he has been active within DUI “there was never disappointment with good intentions and friendly views from the international community”, and in this context he asked that the US and the EU help fasten Macedonia’s integration into NATO and in the European Union.

Otherwise, today at SDSM headquarters, the first meeting between party leader and mandatary, Zoran Zaev with DUI president Ali Ahmeti, part of the negotiations for forming the government.