DUI’s party leader, Ali Ahmeti has managed to enkindle nationalism and extremism, as a basis for confrontation and the destabilization of Macedonia, remarked today the Democratic Union (DU).

“The platform for a complete solution of the Albanian issues was in large helped by VMRO-DPMNE’s party leadership in order to derail the subject about the responsibility of the creators of the political crisis and to instigate and direct the discussion towards “the Macedonian issues”. The preparation of the “Macedonian platform”, the announcements for blocking the Parliament and threats with protests in order to ruin the country if the opposition forms a government, are a splendid opportunity for calling for an emergency state, and suspension of the institutions and the will of the people, “said the DU’s announcement.

According to DU, instead of building a platform for a legal state, with equal rights for everyone, fight against crime and а better life for everyone, Ahmeti’s platform is returning the country in the 19th century.

“It is time for the unification of citizens and to clear out the populists and the propagandists for the alleged threat from Albanians toward the Macedonians”, remarked DU.