A possible referendum in Macedonia regarding the new name of the country which would be agreed by Macedonia and Greece could complicate the process, DUI’s leader Ali Ahmeti said at a meeting with the MEPs from the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats, Victor Bostinaru, Tanja Fajon and Tonino Picula.

At the meeting, Ahmeti stressed that a compromise regarding the name dispute should be reached now “respecting the characteristics of the parties and thinking about their common future in the Euro-Atlantic family”.

“Ahmeti welcomed the willingness of the MEPs and said that the period ahead is crucial, not only for Macedonia, but also for the whole region. He assured guests that the courage would not be lacking and repeated that any solution could be reached sooner by ratifying any agreement regarding the name in Parliament, while a possible referendum could complicate the entire process”.

The DUI’s leader stressed that the implementation of systemic reforms will not stop in the country and went on to express confidence that the opposition will participate in such a process for the benefit of all.

Representatives of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament group said they were giving full support to the agenda of the parliamentary majority and the government, making themselves available to help Macedonia and the region.