Analysts estimate that the statements of Ali Ahmeti, leader of DUI, that the country should solve a lot of problems with unexpected solutions are just as incomprehensible as the bombs of Zoran Zaev, when there are so many problems in the country that require bold solutions that maybe aren’t projected in the electoral program of the party, reports Portabl. Alajdin Demiri stated for the portal that Ahmeti’s statement is apolitical and indicates a deep crisis of power.

– When the elections for a president of the Tetovo branch of DUI was held, Ahmeti’s statement was almost apolitical and showed a deep crisis of power that, when it will explode, it will create a crisis in the economy, integration and inter-ethnic relations. DUI will say that the opposition is incompetent and will try other ways to get out of the crisis. But demonstration of power won’t solve the crisis – said Demiri.

According to Demiri’s estimations, the “bomb” of SDSM might negatively affect VMRO-DPMNE only if it’s some sort of an agreement between Ahmeti and Gruevski for surreptitious resolution of the case “Monster” or a similar scandal that will affect interethnic relations.

– No other scandal can be that big in order to harm Gruevski, because we saw the result in the corruption case in which the opposition was condemned. Another corruption case cannot be so large to achieve what SDSM warns. But there is a possibility that this is just the opposition’s bluff to intimidate Gruevski to begin showing his weaknesses. The lack of transparency in all future scenarios is something in which Macedonia has specialized since the assassination of former President Kiro Gligorov, the death of President Boris Trajkovski, 2001 conflict and many other contracts that aren’t transparent – said Demiri.

Ibrahim Mehmeti, publicist, says that it’s a bit odd for Ahmeti to give such statements because he is a part of the executive authority, so such disclosures can be taken in two ways and be interpreted in various ways.

– The country is facing many problems and the solutions can be unpredictable and situations can be confusing. DUI is in power and it will bear the consequences of what happens in the Government. It is clear that there is dissatisfaction among Albanians and that is the reason why DUI has a different approach than the one before. The current developments warn that DUI is preparing the ground to be able to buffer all the political attacks against it. Now there is a new movement in the domestic politics and it seems that it encourages DUI to be louder – says Mehmeti.