We Albanians in these times, we need to be even more mindful, to advance all the questions regarding the status of Albanians and finalize our goal, and that is equal rights of the two biggest groups of people – Albanian and Macedonian, said the DUI leader Ali Ahmeti in his address at the Ceremony that was held in Skopje on the occasion of the Albanian Flag Day and Independence Day of Albania, reports television station “Telma.”

“Now is the time to say and admit if we have done something wrong because that way we can work on correcting them. Our commitment to promoting our ethnic status is constant in our policies, just as our constant efforts for peace. Our people have always been peaceful, we have never encouraged war. Others are trying to seize our lands, but times have changed. We Albanians in these times need to be even more mindful to advance in all issues concerning the status of Albanians and reach our goal, and it is – equal rights of the two biggest groups of people, Albanian and Macedonian. Our goal is the European Union and NATO. We wish the completion of the process of the independence of Kosovo, and its admission to international institutions, the completion of the entire integration process of Albania and its economic development, we wish for the Balkans to be a peaceful place, and part of the Euro-Atlantic family”, said Ali Ahmeti, leader of DUI.