I don’t have an answer about with whom we shall enter into a coalition with as we are analyzing all of the options in order to make the best decision for the benefit of the Albanians or the Macedonians, Serbs or the Roma people, said the leader of DUI, Ali Ahmeti after the meeting of the party members at the headquarters in Mala Rechica was over.

The final decision for entering into a coalition with VMRO-DPMNE wasn’t made yet, DUI’s central presidency will have a session on Sunday, as was informed by DUI’s spokesperson, Bujar Osmani.
Osmani said that the debate was a constructive one and that the party members have begun debating regarding different proposals.

He added that DUI’s three vice presidents, Teuta Arifi, Nevzat Bejta and Izet Medziti didn’t leave the session previously but they have left earlier after the meeting to rest and for further consultations.

Osmani has confirmed that Bejta’s vehicle was noticed close to SDSM’s headquarters in Skopje, adding that DUI is open for consultations and negotiations with all of the parties regarding future political occurrences.

The deadline for forming the new government is expiring on the 29th of January (Sunday) when the mandatory i.e. VMRO-DPMNE’s party leader Nikola Gruevski has to announce whether he will be able to form a coalition and with which party he will be able to do that.