Leader of the Democratic Union for Integration Ali Ahmeti met with the Ambassador of the European Union in Skopje Aivo Orav, announced DUI.
At the meeting, Ahmeti and Orav discussed the political situation in Macedonia, the political dialogue, inter-ethnic relations, as well as Macedonia’s integration into the European Union.
Ahmeti said that the beginning of the political dialogue in Brussels should strengthen and advance as soon as possible to overcome the political crisis in the country.
“The European Commission should be directly involved with predetermined agenda for the parties involved, but also to follow the trial to ensure credibility and confidence of all parties,” said Ahmeti.
DUI leader stressed that Washington can play a constructive role in encouraging the parties to engage in order to overcome the political crisis.
“DUI is a responsible party and work for the interests of all citizens and the state, determined to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. The political crisis affecting citizens’ expectations for a stable, secure Macedonia, integrated in NATO and to start negotiations for EU membership, with good inter-ethnic relations and good neighborliness, and optimal conditions for sustainable economic development. Political parties should do their best to focus on achieving the expectations of citizens and show readiness to ensure stability and democratic capacity of national institutions to deal with the political crisis,” stated Ahmeti.