After the “Bombs”, the Citizens are Pessimistic That They Can Do Anything Against Corruption


The increased apathy and a smaller number of citizens that are ready to do something in the fight against corruption are the chief characteristics in the annual “Global corruption barometer” about the situation in Macedonia, that was presented today by the president of “Transparency International Macedonia,” Slagjana Taseva.

Apparently, compared to two years ago, when 88% of the citizens that participated in poll said they were ready to do something to help the fight against corruption, at this year’s report this kind of readiness was expressed by 65%, and almost 40% have said that nothing can be done against corruption. These answers come before and after the revealing of the tapped conversations by SDSM which revealed many scandals of corruption in the highest state circles.

-The number of citizens that are ready to do something in the fight against corruption has decreased, and the number of citizens that think they can do anything to help the fight against corruption has increased. The number of those who think that the influence of politics is too strong and the way politics is handled only the powerful, influential and the rich people have a say in it, and in all that the political corruption is also included – said Taseva, adding that it is necessary to strengthen the transparency and the protection of people that are ready to report corruption.

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