After a night of tension, SPUKM announces they have selected a President


The new President of the Student Parliament of UKIM with 3.851 votes is Davor Popovski, announced SPUKM this morning. They also said the total amount of students who voted was 5.264.

SPUKM also announced that the electoral process was fair and democratic, apart from the actions of the scandalous political motivated “Student Plenum”, who have been there largest critics during the voting.

Members of the Rapid Deployment Unit and armored vehicles, however, last night were deployed in front of the headquarters of SPUKM, where members of the Student Parliament counted the ballots from the boxes from Friday’s vote to elect a President of the Student Parliament.

Earlier, while the voting was still ongoing, the “Student Plenum” contested the regularity of the elections for President of the Student Parliament.

The vote had no electoral register, no stamps for the ballot papers, nor did they have screens for secret voting booths and ballot boxes were covered with white sheets of paper. Immediately after the vote in the student elections, the ballot box from the Faculty of Law “Justinian I” was violently taken from individuals who the “Student Plenum” alleges that have no connection to UKIM, after which began pushing and shoving in the crowds., bringing the tension to boiling point.

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