Lawyers and Judges divided over Katica Janeva’s team of prosecutors


The team Special Public Prosecutor Katica Janeva has selected to work with on the materials which came from the wiretapped conversations, has sparked different reactions among lawyers and former prosecutors.
Some of them are reserved and content with the choice, and expect results from the team.

“The team is excellent, these are people who have worked on smaller cases and because they have no affiliation with any party they never moved forward”, said a well known Lawyer from Skopje.

When asked what he thought about Lile Stefanova being in Ms Janeva’s team , he said that although it is public knowledge that she was involved in political fixed cases, the team needed a “little of everything.”
According to lawyer Oliver Vuksanovic the new team of prosecutors are at experts and in the top in their field.
“All colleagues are excellent, great professionals and I believe they will do an excellent job. I believe in them and have confidence in them”, said Mr Vuksanovic.

Former judge from the Constitutional Court Trendafil Ivanovski said for “24Vesti”, that he had no major expectations.
He says Ms Janeva’s team, is firstly too large and secondly and more importantly, made up of prosecutors who have already had the opportunity to prove themselves as true fighters against crime and corruption.
Konstadin Kizov, former chairman of the Council of Prosecutors for “Deutsche Welle” agreed with Ms Janeva’s assessment of the team, that they all were well distinguished professionals who enjoy a good reputation and trust.
Vasko Georgiev, a lawyer from Bitola said he did not know them all, but if he had to give his initial impression, from the ones he does know, the team looks optimistic.
On the contrary, lawyer Alexander Tortevski said he was not optimistic regarding the proposed team, but would be very happy if they were to prove him wrong.

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