The members of the temporary ad hoc body for monitoring the work of the media during the election campaign, still have not reached an agreement over the fifth member. Meetings will continue from Monday.

The four members did not reach a consensus nor did they manage to reach the deadline for selecting the fifth member which was on Wednesday, who by law has to be of Albanian ethnicity.

Slagjana Dimishkova and Cvetin Chilimanov were proposed by the VMRO-DPMNE, while Goran Trpenovski and Ljubomir Kostovski were proposed by the SDSM, they agreed to continue with their meetings on Monday.

The deadline for the formation of the media regulation body expired on Wednesday. The ad hoc body has to be fully formed by Tuesday so by Wednesday the 31st of August, the leaders of the largest four political parties can have their leaders’ meeting, where they are meant to agree and announce the date for the elections.

Yesterday, the Council of the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Services (AVMU) adopted the methodology for the monitoring of the media during the election campaign through radio and television services.