Actress Danijela Štajnfeld accuses Serbian politician and actor Branislav Lečić of rape


Serbian actress Danijela Štajnfeld testified at the High Public Prosecution in Belgrade that the actor, politician, former minister and member of the Democratic party Branislav Lećić had raped her.

As nova.rs published, the actress had previously revealed in the documentary film “Heal Me” that she had been raped by a powerful man in the film industry. With the article, the news site also published a several seconds’ insert from the conversation between Štajnfeld and Lečić. An audio recording of the conversation was published yesterday by Insider .

Fourty days after this traumatic event, the actress left for good for US, and at that time she developed mental problems and suicidal thoughts and the doctors diagnosed her with post-traumatic syndrome which is proof of trauma.

Also, in January this year, Štajnfeld wrote on her Twitter account that she has submitted a video recording to the Public Prosecution, in which the man who had raped her, admits his act.

She revealed that replying to the comments on Twitter that it would be good if she can reveal the name of this person, since Milena Radulović publicly revealed that she was raped by Miroslav Mika Aleksić, owner of an acting school.

In the video that was published by various media outlets, when Danijela asks the man who raped her whether he remembers that she cried and that she didn’t want to be with him, that she felt threatened, that she said no, he replied:

I can understand, but that is a big mistake! The way I express gentleness is not an expression of disrespect, that is your achievement! That is meant to serve as honor and not to give a sense of threat. I say this sincerely. Why should put my sexual organ into someone I don’t respect? In order to humiliate this person, to underestimate it? On the contrary, I do it with a person that deserves my affection! Do you have any idea who am I?!! Danijela Štajnfeld in the show Pressing on N1 TV with Jugoslav Ćosićsaid that she couldn’t have reported the rape because when she tried to confide to some of her closest friends there were implications that she might be guilty of the act.

Danijela announced that she didn’t want to reveal the name of the person who raped her publicly in the documentary film since it would divert the entire focus on the perpetrator.

“If I wanted to reveal the name of my rapist since it is my own film and production I would have done that in the film. The reason for not naming the rapist in the film is simple. If I tell the name of the person who did this to me, the entire focus on the film will divert to my rapist. The film has a mission to attract attention towards the victim,” said Danijela when she guested at Pressing.

The actress stressed that it is important to know that every victim is most often attacked by someone from her surrounding and whom the victim knows, respects, and trusts, which is a fact that is hardly taken into account.

Regarding the accusations on part of the actress, Lečić said that he is ready to report at the Prosecution where he will answer for the act.

“I absolutely respect the laws and the legal institutions in this country and I’m ready to answer for it at the Prosecution on these accusations. It is a vicious lie that aims at discrediting me,” stated Lečić in his press release.

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