The portal A1on’s crew was attacked and beaten this evening near the Triumphal Gate during the protest organized by the civil initiative “For United Macedonia.”

Five persons who took part in the protests, at the end of the gathering, attacked the cameraman Vladimir Zelcevski and the journalist Aleksandar Todevski while they were professionally reporting about the event. The attackers damaged A1on’s camera and Zelcevski and Todevski due to their injuries are now at the Emergency center.

This evening, a cameraman and a journalist who work at A1on were attacked with fists in their heads and bodies by protesters in front of the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia. Both men were transferred to the Emergency center. Some of the protesters broke the camera and fled from the location. The civil initiative “For United Macedonia” which is the organizer of the protest obviously couldn’t protect the media. A1on will file charges against the organizer and will seek compensation for the damage caused by violent and primitive behavior” announced A1on.