A1on’s cameraman and reporter, Vlatko Zelceski and Aleksandar Todeski who were brutally beaten by five thugs at the end of the protest organized by the initiative “For a United Macedonia”  were left with a concussion and other injuries, confirmed Todeski for Meta.

Both men were released from hospital and sent home after spending the night at the Emergency Centre.

“At the moment, the medical reports are being sent to the police station and we will definitely be filing charges”, said Todeski.

The A1on portal announced the lawsuits yesterday, and several hours after the cowardly attack, the Minister of Interior, Agim Nuhiu informed the Association of Journalists that they had taken people into custody.

Five protesters, at the end of the protest, attacked cameraman Zelceski and journalist Todeski while they were reporting about the protests. The attackers damaged A1on’s camera and Zelceski and Todeski were transported by an ambulance to the Emergency Centre.