The president of the NGO “Civil”, Xhabir Deralla said at a press conference this morning that the beginning of election day started peacefully, with a number of minor irregularities, that is, technical problems faced by the electoral boards.

He pointed out that yesterday, there had been more than 20 violations of the pre-election silence in Veles, Resen, Skopje, Stip, Tetovo and Gostivar.

“Posters had been put up in one municipality, we had cases where we detected SMS messages containing content that violated the election silence, which were sent to many telephone numbers. The decision by the Municipal Election Commission of Resen, after the discovery of the two ballots at the polling station 1.631 in Jankovec, which had the same serial number, it was decided that all the ballots in the municipality be counted again, however, today, we noted that the ballots are not of the same quality everywhere”, said Deralla.

In several polling stations in the municipality of Aerodrom, the ballots are not perforated well and the electoral board had to cut it with scissors to give it to the voters, which in several polling stations caused a great crowd. He clarified that according to the reported cases from their observers, the UV lamps are not working in more than 20 polling stations.

According to their reports, in the Resen region there was an attempt to bribe two family members with 4.500 denars who did not accept the money and informed the police.