Today, the Criminal Court, Skopje, should announce the latest decisions regarding the request for custody for the officials from VMRO-DPMNE and also for the former ministers accused in the “Titanic” case, led by the Special Prosecutor’s Office.

It is regarding the requests for custody for Nikola Gruevski, Martin Protuger, Gordana Jankulovska, Mile Janakieski and Kiril Bozinovski. As it could be concluded, by the announcement from the court, the decisions were made this weekend, but they will be announced today, because they had to be written and delivered to the clients, meaning, to the defense of the accused and the SPO.

This is the first phase of the procedure regarding the request for precautionary measures by the SPO, who today announced their appeals to the Appellate Court, Skopje.

The SPO has got three days to appeal regarding the custody, and the Appellate Court has to respond within 48 hours after they receive the appeal and then they make their rulings.

It means by the end of the week it will be known who will be remanded into custody or not.