To establish a Committee to review all the facts and evidence of the situation related to the elections for student leader, decided the University Rectory of the University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius at today’s emergency session.

The Committee will have to seek a legal basis for some of the conclusions adopted at today’s session, as, for example, the credentials of a Rector regarding the selection of a student leader.

The Rectory of UKIM believes the presidential elections of SPUKM were scandalous and appeal for any kind of partisanship or political manipulation of students to stop.

These conclusions first proposed by the Dean of the Faculty of Law, Borce Davitkovski, but at the request of Kiril Spirovski from the Student Parliament and the deans who attended, the conclusions were amended. Davitkovski, moreover, did not think a Committee should be formed because according to him, that way things will only be delayed and there is nothing to achieve. However, the Rector Velimir Stojkovski proposed to form a Committee, after which the Dean of the Faculty of Law walked out of the session.

In the preliminary findings, Davitkovski assessed that the elections for student leader were full of irregularities and he asked that the acting president of SPUKM rule and continue to represent the students until September when new elections are to be held.

Members of the “Student Plenum” are not fully satisfied with today’s outcome, mainly for the same reason as Davitkovski, they are against the establishment of a Committee.

At the beginning of today’s emergency session, the Student Parliament and the”Student Plenum” explained their views on the events of the day of the election.

In front of the Rector’s Office, members of the Plenum released video footage of the events that occurred on June 30 in front of SPUKM.