The Ministry of Health informs that two patients have passed away at the Clinic of Infectuous Diseases. The first person, aged 70 who had hypertension and heart issues and the results from his Covid19 testing are not ready yet. The other patient, from a village in the Tetovo are, wasat the age of 68, had an artery hypertension.

In the past 24 hours, 46 new Covid-19 cases were registered. Most of them were registered in Kumanovo (23), and this is followed by Skopje (13). The cities of Debar, Tetovo, Veles and Gevgelija, have 2 cases each, while in Prilep and Gostivar, each has one case of infected coronavirus patient.

In total, the number of Covid-19 diagnosed patients today is 430 people. According to the locations, coronavirus cases wee registered in the following cities: Skopje (208), Kumanovo (85), Debar (49), Prilep (22), Štip and Tetovo (15), Struga (9), Veles (8), Bitola and Gevgelija (4), Ohrid (3), Kavadarci, Gostivar and Kriva Palanka (2) and Kočani and Strumica (1).

Among the newly infected in Kumanovo, there are confirmed cases of infected medical personnel from the hospital in Kumanovo, for which there will be additional information announcement.