Until noon today, the total number of people infected with coronavirus in Macedonia was 35, informed the Health Minister Venko Filipche. The results of four patients that arrived ate last night were positive and they were in touch with the four persons in Debar that were diagnosed with the virus.

The airplane that arrived last night from Brussels carried passengers that had indications to be tested but all tests were negative. They were sent home with instructions for obligatory self-isolation.

-Yesterday, a group of 10 people arrived through Deve Bair border crossing and they were placed at Pepelishte. They were examined last night and again this morning by a epidemiologist and they will be transferred at the Demir Kapija due to the reaction by the public to the appalling condition at Pepelishte. I hope there will be an understanding – said the minister.

He informed that the supplies of blood are enough and there are identical quantities as last year. All chronic interventions have been postponed in order to prevent any shortage. All urgent interventions are done with the usual tempo and routine.