The Health Ministry informed that in the past 24 hours, 29 cases of coronavirus were registered. 20 were registered in Skopje, three cases in Veles and Kumanovo, 2 in Prilep and one in Debar. The total number of diagnosed patients with Covid-19 until 12 o’clock today was 177 people out of which 1 was cured and 3 patients have passed away.

According to places of living, most of the cases (108) were located in Skopje, Debar has 41 cases and 2 death case, while in Kumanovo there are 11 cases and 1 death case, while in Shtip 7 people were tested positive to coronavirus. In Veles there are 3 registered cases, while Kavadarci, Ohrid and Prilep each have 2 cases.