2/3 of the steps towards the changes in the Constitution have been done


Up until this moment, the ruling majority has managed to finish 2/3 of the phases that are necessary to accomplish the changes in the Constitution with the constitutional amendments in accordance to the Prespa Agreement between Macedonia and Greece. Out of 15 steps, 5 remain to be done. In the process, the Government that proposed the changes, will need a two-thirds majority on two occasions. Once to open the Constitution and once again to close the Constitution, a procedure that can last several months.

With a two-thirds majority out of 80 MPs, the MPs have made a decision to start the changes in the Constitution i.e. they opened the Constitution. During the last three days, with the majority of votes, the Parliament has passed the draft-amendments for the changes in the Constitution and they are put for a public discussion that is organized by the proposer i.e. the Government.

As soon as that is over, the amendment of the draft-amendments will be inserted for which there will be a discussion at two committees – the Legislative Committee and the Committee for Constitutional Issues. As soon as the Parliament with the absolute majority of MPs states its opinion about each of the amendments for the constitutional amendments, a session will be called for the change of the constitution for which a two-thirds majority will be needed and that will be the final phase for a changed Constitution.

The decision for the changes in the Constitution i.e. for the closing of the Constitution should be made by the Parliament with a two-thirds majority out of the total number of MPs. The change in the Constitution is proclaimed by the Parliament. This is expected to happen by the midst of January.

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