Some of the families of those killed in the floods in Skopje were allowed to take home the bodies of their loved ones. 11 bodies have been released to the families, and in the chapel in the main graveyard of Butel in Skopje, 3 more bodies are expected to be buried soon.

Families of 14 victims of the floods were not permitted to take the bodies of their loved one’s home yesterday, due to problems in the administration. To be more precise, the cause of death on the death certificate was proving to be difficult in regards to the paperwork.

AD “Butel”, the funeral home in the capital’s graveyard told “Meta” that the problem has now been solved, and the majority of the victims’ remains have been taken home by their families, and a procedure has been put in place to make the process of burying the victims from the disaster easier for those currently grieving.

“Officials from AD “Butel” will issue a document to the representatives of the families which is from the Ministry of Interior’s department for requests, families will have to sign a document at a notary declaring that a person has died during the flood. Then the families will have to go to the Accident & Emergency Centre or the Polyclinic “Bucharest” where they will be issued another document / paper to identify which families can bury their loved ones. They will also be able to obtain death certificates and other necessary documents for the victims”, said AD “Butel”, regarding the procedure for obtaining the necessary paperwork to bury victims of the recent floods.

From unofficial sources, we have received information that the actual problem in taking a body home to be buried after dying in the floods is due to the authorities such as the Public Prosecutor being absent from the scene or place where the bodies were found.

With this procedure now in place, the family of the victims can file a statement with the notary to be able to have their relatives body’s released, however, family members will have additional costs regarding the procedure for the burial of their loved ones.