10,530 Pfizer vaccines arrive in North Macedonia, vaccination with them starts tomorrow

Фото: Министерство за здравство

Starting from tomorrow, the vaccination stations throughout North Macedonia will once again apply COVID-19 vaccines to the citizens. Yesterday afternoon a shipment of 10,530 Pfizer vaccines arrived, procured by the Health Ministry through direct negotiations with the producer.

It’s the first shipment from Pfizer, while the second with another 10,000 vaccines is expected to arrive on the 26th of April. Toward the end of April, 200,000 doses of the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine are expected to arrive and during the same period around 76,000 doses of the AstraZeneca jab, received from the COVAX initiative, should also arrive.

According to Health Ministry’s official web page kovid19vakcinacija.mk, 41, 421 persons had been vaccinated so far, while the number of people willin to receive the jab for COVID-19 climbed to 182,250.