Zernovski is withdrawing, SDSM has its own candidate for Centar

Skopje, 13 September, 2017 - 12:01 (META) 

The current candidate for a mayor at the municipality of Centar, Andrej Zernovski, will withdraw his candidacy for a second mandate in the forthcoming local elections, announced Prime Minister Zoran Zaev in the TV show “Otvoreno” on “TV 24.”

-We had an excellent cooperation with Andrej Zernovski.We have agreed to be an active participant in the central authorities and with his expertise and experience, he will participate in anything that comes forth. Behind himself, he leaves several serious projects. He has his own political gabarit and future. He will take part in the central power, which means that he will withdraw his independent candidacy and will stand in support of the candidate for which SDSM’s organs and working bodies along the coalition parties will decide who will be. His perspective is in the organs of the party and most probably he shall be one of the new members of the Central Board – said Zaev.

According to Zaev, it is still unknown who will be SDSM’s candidate for a mayor of the municipality of Centar, as there are many names at play.

The official decision will be made by the party today.

10 days ago, Zernovski has gathered the legally necessary number of signatures in order to run as an independent candidate at the local elections.

Through his Facebook profile, he announced that the defeat of VMRO-DPMNE at the forthcoming elections is more important than anything else.

“We have a joint political enemy, and that is VMRO-DPMNE.I believe that only with allied forces we can defeat them completely.” That is what is most important,” wrote Zernovski.