Zaev: The referendum is our new historical milestone, get out and vote

Kumanovo, 2 August, 2018 - 16:03 (META) 

Patriotism involves building the road for future generations, when we create a state recognized by all, it will be a proud, upright and equal to other countries where people have pride, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said in his speech at Pelince for the anniversary marking the celebration of the Ilinden Uprising.

Zaev appealed to the public to come out for the referendum on 30th of September and to say “yes” because it is for future generations and the future of Macedonia.

“Lets put an to the division, lets unite from the inside and then we can have a future with the European family. A few days ago we confirmed the date for the referendum – 30th of September. It is the day of our new historical milestone, the day we decide on our future as part of the EU family and a strong NATO alliance. I urge you to prove that no one can make you hesitate to choose your future. Get out and vote. The democratic choice of the people must be respected, their voice is final. I am certain that the people will make the right choice, that we will choose the road forward”, said Zaev.