Zaev and Rama declare a new chapter in cooperation for the two countries

Pogradec, 15 December, 2017 - 18:53 (META) 

The joint session of the governments of Macedonia and Albania in Pogradec opens a new chapter in the bilateral relations of both countries and it means working on solutions that lead to a peaceful and safe future for our citizens and our countries, and not their delay, said Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev this afternoon on the border Albanian town, reports the government information service.

According to Zaev, the governments of Macedonia and Albania are sending a strong message in the region that the two countries have responsible political leaderships that work honestly and openly, in order to improve the quality of life of the people in both countries and for a good and secure future for both countries in the Euro-Atlantic family.

He pointed out that for Macedonia, the EU and NATO are not just a political interest, but also an opportunity for economic development of the country and financial stabilization for the citizens. In Pogredec, Zaev expressed his confidence that Macedonia will start EU membership talks next year.Pogradec makedonska vlada pred zaednichka sednica so albanskata 15dek17 - Vlada na RM

After the intergovernmental session, a joint Declaration on greater cooperation was signed, and the prime ministers signed a Memorandum of Understanding, for the prevention and suppression of violent extremism and radicalization which leads to terrorism.