Several hundred of citizens today at 15:00 informally gathered to protest in front of the Special Prosecutor’s Office. Although the civil initiative “I protest” did not schedule a protest today, citizens spontaneously came to express their anger against President Ivanov’s decision to pardon politicians and their close associates.

The protest took place just in front of the premises of the SPO, and various citizens and activists spoke through a megaphone and expressed their reasons for protesting.

Activist Biljana Ginova said the motive for protests “Every day at 6″ is because of Ivanov’s decision to grant mass pardons, but the reason for the anger that everyone is  feeling is because of the injustices of this Government’s rule.

“The detention for our brothers and sisters has been extended from 8 to 30 days. Clearly, they want to intimidate us and they want us to stop coming out to protest, but by being on the street, we are a major factor in solving this crisis and we must continue”, said Ginova.

Misha Popovik from the Institute for Democracy (Societas Civilis) said that she is protesting against corruption because with corruption leads to poverty, and others will buy our country with our money.

“I protest” to me means a state of mind, rather than just, “Every day at 6”. One of our leaders was captured and taken into custody by the state and she doesn’t serve more than the citizens, but she also works in favor of their own interests”, said Popovic.

With chants “Freedom”, “This won’t just pass” after nearly two hours, the gathering ended peacefully in front of the SPP.

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