Police want to arrest the Chief of Police in Kumanovo but citizens won’t allow it

Kumanovo, 13 December, 2016 - 22:09 (META) 

Police and special ops units are in front of the home of Kumanovo’s Chief of Police, Stojance Velickovic, who was recently promoted to that position by the MOI, and SDSM’s Oliver Spasovski.

In front of the home, there is a group of citizens that will not allow Velickovic to be taken away.

“We are gathered in front of Velickovic’s house. There are two special ops’ vehicles. These are planned provocations and incidents because they want to arrest the Chief of Police for no reason. They are arresting him because he was put in this position by Oliver Spasovski. The people are waiting and will not allow that. The police are inside the house and we don’t know what is happening because his telephone was taken away from him”, said Miroslav Trlin, a member of SDSM Kumanovo.

He adds that Velickovic hadn’t committed a crime but he was doing his job and was arresting criminals.

“Meta” tried to get in touch with the authorities at MOI, but none of the spokespersons replied to our calls.